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"One Nation"

On September 11, 2001
The world stood still
Life as we knew it
Was gone
The naivete of our innocence
Was lost
Fear, crept into our lives
Replacing our joy, our laughter
Our promise of a better tomorrow
The reality of what happened that day
Swiftly wiped the smile
Off the face of the World
Evil no longer stood, at our front door
It invaded our home
And took part of our family, with it
Leaving us an aftermath
To clean up
But in Evil's haste to leave
He forgot one thing
We are bigger than one person
We are stronger than 2,801 people
And out of the rubble
Where once stood a symbol, Of prosperity
An old symbol was resurrected
One of Red, of White and of Blue
Evil united a Country that day
And all across America
People stood up to be counted
And we became, "One Nation, Under God"
"Indivisible by Liberty, and Justice
For all"
And one by one
We dug deep into our pockets
And gave to our Brothers and Sisters
Who needed our help

Fear has now been replaced
By Anger, Love, and Hope
We will all change, as a result of that day
We have to
No longer taking for granted
The rights given to us by birth
We will now stand behind our Country
Our Soldiers
Even beside them, if need be
For out of the rubble
A sleeping Nation
And reminded us
There is a price to pay for Freedom
The Lion will no longer sleep
With both eyes closed
For Freedom once tasted
Cannot be lost

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